Green Mountain Bible Camp
Mind The Lord

Greetings to All!

This year at Green Mountain Bible Camp we are trying something New! For those of you that wish you could be there and can't be we are going online! We are going to attempt to Live Stream ALL services so you can join us virtually.

The Live Streams will start approximately 10 minutes prior to each service. As a reminder, Service times are as follows:

Saturday 7:00pm

Sunday 10:30am & 7:00pm

Monday 7:00pm

Tuesday 7:00pm

Wednesday 7:00pm

Thursday 7:00pm

Friday 7:00pm

Saturday 7:00pm

You can get to these by going to the 'Green Mountain Bible Camp - VT' youTube channel. You can get there by either going to youTube and searching for 'Green Mountain Bible Camp - VT' and selecting the channel with the icon of the Tabernacle -OR- you can click on the Link below:

Youtube GMBC Channel

Once you are on the Channel Home page you will see a link to the next service to be streamed. You will also be able to watch past services once they are complete.

We really hope that everyone can be at camp and join us in person but we wanted to provide a way for all to enjoy what God has planned at camp this year!

Above all pray for camp this year that it will be a blessing to all!