Green Mountain Bible Camp
Mind The Lord


Camping at Bethel is a great experience!

The grounds have everything you will need to enjoy your week of camp. Please contact us if you have any questions about any of the facilities. The buildings encircle a large tabernacle where we hold our services, our adult Bible study, our daily Love Feast and our DVBS closing ceremony. It has also been the host to several weddings over the years!

  • Large central Tabernacle. Seats 200 people with no poles obstructing any view. Sound system broadcasts the services. An antique bell resides in the belfry and is used many times a day.

  • Dining hall. Seats 60 dinners. All meals are served from the dining hall.

  • Bathrooms. Complete with showers and changing rooms.

  • Boys and girls dorms. Both are large open rooms with bunk beds.

  • Guest and private cottages. 13 guest rooms.

  • Campsites. Sites for campers and tents with electrical hookups.

  • Rowe (recreational) field. Site of the annual soft ball game between campers and staff as well as many youth activities and the evening bonfire.

  • Snack shack. Open every day after "quiet time" and the evening service.

  • Faithful Lodge. Downstairs is an open room for ping-pong, games and youth Bible studies. Upstairs is the boy's dorm.

  • DVBS. Large room for the DVBS program. Building also holds the Registration office.