Green Mountain Bible Camp
Mind The Lord


Things to do at Green Mountain Bible Camp

Activities at camp are a mix of fun and faith. Young and old can find something to do at camp. Some activities are structured and others are just fun.

Available Activities

  • Adult Bible Study.

  • Contemporary Adult Bible Study.

  • Camp Kickoff Rally.

Our Annual Softball Game between the campers & staff.

Always a fun time on the extremely uneven Rowe Field. Many memories are made at the game and sometimes the youth win!!! The game is held on the 4th at 2:00. Bring your glove.

Afternoon Events.

This year we hope to have some afternoon trips for the adult campers. We might go to Silver Lake, to Billings Farm in Woodstock, or to the Simon Pearce factory in Quechee. If you'd like to make a suggestion, send us an e-mail.

Our annual business meeting is held on Saturday morning at the end of camp. All are invited to attend. Official board meetings are also open to the public and will be published.